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Achievements are unlockables you can earn by completing tasks within the game. Currently they do not provide any benefit aside from acting as a type of progression meter.


Name Description
Hamlet Obtain a Population of 20
Village Obtain a Population of 60
Small Town Obtain a Population of 200
Large Town Obtain a Population of 2000
Small City Obtain a Population of 5000
Large City Obtain a Population of 10,000
Metropolis Obtain a Population of 20,000
Small Nation Obtain a Population of 50,000
Nation Obtain a Population of 100,000
Large Nation Obtain a Population of 200,000
Empire Obtain a Population of 500,000
Raider Raid another civilization
Engineer Build a siege engine
Domination Raid an Empire
Hated Have a Happiness of Angry
Loved Have a Happiness of Blissful
Cat! Obtain 1 Cat
Glaring Obtain 10 Cats
Clowder Obtain 100 Cats
Plagued Have more sick people than healthy people
Ghost Town Have 0 people with at least 1000 maximum population
Battle Worship a Deity of Battle
Fields Worship a Deity of the Fields
Underworld Worship a Deity of the Underworld
Cats Worship a Deity of Cats
Full House Have all 4 Dominions in your Pantheon
Wonder Build a Wonder
Seven! Build 7 Wonders
Merchant Trade with the Trader
Rushed Spend gold to Speed Wonder
Neverclick Build a Wonder while only having 22 Resource clicks.

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