Buildings in Civ Clicker are purchasable items that take up one spot of land per building. Each building has a set cost of resources. They can affect max population, happiness, and more.

Types of BuildingsEdit

Initial Buildings
Building Cost Effect
Tent 2 wood, 2 skins +1 max pop
Wooden Hut 20 wood, 1 skin +3 max pop
Barn 100 wood Store 200 food (400 after the Granaries upgrade)
Wood Stockpile 100 wood Store 200 wood
Stone Stockpile 100 wood Store 200 stone
Graveyard 100 wood, 200 stone, 50 herbs Contains 100 graves
Masonry upgrades
Building Cost Effect
Cottage 10 wood, 30 stone +6 max pop
Tannery 30 wood, 70 stone,  2 skins Allows one tanner
Smithy 30 wood, 70 stone, 2 ore Allows one blacksmith
Apothecary 30 wood, 70 stone, 2 herbs Allows one healer
Temple 30 wood, 120 stone, 10 herbs Allows one cleric (increases happiness after the Aesthetics upgrade)
Barracks 20 food, 60 wood, 120 stone, 10 metal Allows 10 soldiers
Horseback Riding upgrades
Building Cost Effect
Stable 60 food, 60 wood, 120 stone, 10 leather Allows 10 cavalry
The Wheel upgrades
Building Cost Effect
Mill 100* wood, 100* stone Improves farmers
Construction upgrades
Building Cost Effect
House 30 wood, 70 stone +10 max pop (+12 with Tenements, +14 with Slums)
Architecture upgrades
Building Cost Effect
Mansion 200 wood, 200 stone, 20 leather +50 max pop
Fortification 100* stone Helps protect against attack

* - the resource cost for Mills and Fortifications goes up as more are built, such that:

Cost = \left \lfloor 100\times (Units + 1)\times 1.05^{Units} \right \rfloor , where Units refers to the number of mills or fortifications already built
Note that \lfloor x\rfloor means the greatest integer less than or equal to x.

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