Farmers are the most basic and useful worker in the game. Without upgrades or mills, they produce 1.2 food per second, and consume 1 food per second, balancing out to +0.2 food per second.


Skinning is a basic upgrade which allows farmers to obtain skins. Butchering and Flensing increase skin production by an unknown amount.

Domestication, Ploughshares, and Irrigation increase farmer output by 0.1 food per second for each farmer.

Crop Rotation, Selective Breeding, and Fertilisers increase farmer output by an unknown amount.


Purchasing mills can also increase farmer output based on an unknown amount.

Sick WorkerIdle Worker  –  FarmerWoodcutterMinerTannerBlacksmithHealerCleric  –  Labourer  –  SoldierCavalry  –  Cat

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