Under the "Stats" section near the settings and achievements display, there is a happiness meter that measures how pleased your workers are with your civilization.

There are five different levels of happiness your workers can have: Angry, Unhappy, Content, Happy, and Blissful.

Effects of HappinessEdit

When workers are angry, production falls drastically.

When workers are unhappy, production goes down, but not to the 'angry' level.

When workers are content, production stays the same.

When workers are happy, production increases

When workers are blissful, production increases by 1.5x.

Ways of Making Civilians UnhappyEdit

To be avoided if possible.

  1. Overpopulation. As soon as your Free Land =< -1, you're dealing with some unhappy campers. As noted below, obtaining more land doesn't simply reverse the issue, so be mindful of this.
  2. Death. When your population is dying or when you have many unburied corpses, your happiness will go down. Burying corpses will solve this.

Ways of Making (and Keeping) Civilians HappyEdit

There are a few ways you can make workers happy.

  1. Raid other civilizations. Raiding larger civilizations will yield more happiness.
  2. Obtain more land (to avoid overcrowding). If your citizens are unhappy, then more land won't fix that by itself. You have to raid.
  3. Bury corpses. Ensure you have both free graves (or graveyards) and clerics to do so.
  4. Build temples (Effective only if you have the upgrade that increases happiness from building temples, Aesthetics).

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