Mills are buildings are available after The Wheel Upgrade.

Cost of BuildingEdit

Mills have a gradual increase of cost based on the number mills currently built. The first mill requires 100 Wood and 100 Stone.

Mills have a cost of Wood and Stone equal to the following equation, with any resulting fraction rounded to 0:

M = Number of Mills currently owned

Resource (Wood and Stone) = 100 * (M + 1) * (1.05 ^ M)

For example, the cost to produce Mill #10 would be:

100 * (9 + 1) * (1.05 ^ 9)

100 * 10 * 1.55132


So you need 1551 Wood and 1551 Stone to produce Mill #10.

Result on FarmingEdit

The purpose of Mills is to provide a boost to the production of farming.

Population totals influence a hidden variable called MillMod as follows:

If population of humans > 0 OR population of zombies > 0 then
MillMod = # of Humans / (# of Humans + # of Zombies)

This lowers the effectiveness of mills based on how many zombies there are in proportion to the number of humans you have in your population. The value ranges from 0 to 1 based on a fully zombie to fully human population respectively.

This is then used in conjunction with a larger formula for food, with Mills equal to the number of Mills you currently have built:

Net Food Production = Other Factors * (1 + (Mills * .005 * MillMod))

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