Pantheon Upgrades Edit

Deity of War Edit

Riddle of Steel: Improve soldiers's combat skill.

Throne of Skulls: Slaying enemies creates temples

Lament of the Defeated: Successful raids delay future invasions

Deity of the Underworld Edit

The Book of the Dead: Gain piety with deaths

A Feast for Crows: Corpses are less likely to cause illness

Secrets of the Tombs: Graveyards increase Cleric piety generation

Deity of Cats Edit

Lure of Civilisation: (1000 piety) Increase chance to get cats (From 1% to 2%)

Warmth of the Companion: (1000 piety) Cats help heal the sick

Comfort of the Hearthfires: (5000 piety)traders marginally more frequent

Deity of the Fields Edit

Blessing of Abundance: Increase farmer food output

Abide No Waste: Workers will eat corpses if there is no food left

Stay With Us: Traders stay longer

Pantheon Boosts Edit

These are temporary or reusable boosts that are available for the various Deities

Deity of War Edit

Deity of the Underworld Edit

Deity of Cats Edit

Pest control: 100 piety: Give temporary boost to food production

Grace: 1000 piety: Increase Happiness

Deity of the Fields Edit

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