Workers are people that can be bought for 20 food (initially). They increase in purchase cost as the population increases. They take up one population spot and eat one piece of food each second.

Workers can be assigned to 10 possible jobs in your civilization, unlocked by certain upgrades and buildings


Job Name Job Description
Farmer Farms for food. Can also collect skins using an upgrade.
Woodcutter Cuts down trees for wood. Can also collect herbs using an upgrade.
Miner Mines for stone. Can also collect ore using an upgrade.
Tanner Turns skins into leather. Requires a tannery.
Blacksmith Turns ore into metal. Requires a smithy.
Healer Heals sick workers. Requires an apothecary.
Cleric Generates piety and buries corpses. Requires a temple.
Labourer Use resources to build wonders. Requires you to be building a wonder.
Soldier Protects from attack and can raid other civilizations. Requires a barracks. Costs 10 metal and 10 leather per soldier.
Cavalry Protects from attack and can raid other civilizations. Requires a stable. Costs 20 food and 20 leather per cavalry.

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